John Shyloski Photography | VIDEO WORK


CHE-VAL "Gone Mad" - Directed and Shot

CHE-VAL's take on Alice in Wonderland. Includes Alice, the Red Queen, the Mad Hatter and more. Features special effects and green screen work. Filmed at Factory Underground Studios.



CHE-VAL "Love Still Waiting" - Directed and Shot

A new alternative pop song by indie music duo Che-Val, "Love Still Waiting" blends 70s funk and 80s pop into a modern sound. Features the Funky Dawgz Brass Band. Shot here at Factory Underground Studios on the sound stage.



EDISUN "Kill Me With Your Kiss" Promo - Directed and Shot



CHE-VAL "My Beat" - Directed and Shot

We combined stop motion along with green screen to create the campy low budget look and feel. Filmed at The Factory Underground.



CHE-VAL "Don't Give Up On Me" - Directed and Shot

Che-Val partners with TEAM HOPE to raise awareness and funds for those suffering from Parkinson's Disease via music. Every Single purchase of "Don't Give up on Me," will be forwarded to Team Hope and the National Parkinson Foundation.